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NTK Precision Axle is the Industry-Recognized
HUB & I/C Shaft Manufacturer

NTK Precision Axle Corporation has two locations here in Indiana. The headquarters is located in Frankfort, Indiana with approximately 280 associates. The second facility, which just opened in March of 2018, is located in Anderson, Indiana. NTK is a global supplier of wheel HUB’s and I/C Shafts for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. Our parts make their way to 15 different automakers, which translates to one third of the cars and light trucks on the open road, riding on our products!

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Join our team at NTK Precision Axle Corp. and get the chance to work for the world's premier HUB & I/C Shaft manufacturer. We help successful candidates maximize their potential and realize their personal and career goals. With our in-depth training program, no previous experience is required to start a career in machine operating at NTK.

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I/C Shafts


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I/C Shafts

The I/C shafts transfer power from your vehicle's transmission to the wheel HUB's. Each shaft is custom designed and turned to meet each vehicle model's exacting requirements. The shafts are made of high-quality steel and they come in a variety of lengths and diameters.

Wheel Hubs

The wheel HUB's are what hold the tire on to the car. They are made of steel forgings and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to maximize strength and minimize weight. With their sealed-type construction, our HUB prevent damage, corrosion, and adhesion of iron powders to the internal magnetizing encoder and sensor probe – which makes ABS sensors all the more reliable.

NTK is a joint partnership between:

NTN Bearing, which began producing their innovative friction-reducing products in 1918, and currently boasts 68 production facilities worldwide.

Takao Kogyo, contributes their many years of expertise in precise machining operations of powertrain parts to its 8 production facilities located in Japan, Asia and North America.

Koshuha Neturen, offers induction heating apparatus-related products, such as induction heat treatment and processing of I/C Shafts and Wheel HUB's. Neturen has operations in Japan, United States and China.

NTK’s some 280 associates have the capacity to produce an average of 1.6 million HUB's and I/C Shafts per month on our state-of-the-art robotically assisted CNC turning and induction heat treat lines.