Well-Made Wheel HUBs

Wheel Hubs

NTK Precision Axle Corp. in Frankfort, Indiana, manufactures top-caliber wheel HUB's and CVJ shafts for trucks and cars. NTK makes in excess of 1.1 million wheel HUB's in a month and we supply these to several major automotive companies globally.

Wheel HUB Bearings

The wheel HUB's are what hold the tire on to the car. They are made of steel forgings and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to maximize strength and minimize weight. With their sealed-type construction, our HUB bearings prevent damage, corrosion, and adhesion of iron powders to the internal magnetizing encoder and sensor probe – which makes ABS sensors all the more reliable.

Contact us in Frankfort, Indiana, for CVJ shafts and wheel bearing HUBs with superior quality.